fujisaki ayane wearing a monokuma t-shirt

pinky's new haircut - 7.8cm shorter (「`>ω<)「


Welcome to panda world, a blog dedicated to Dempagumi.inc’s brat, Fujisaki Ayane! (「`・ω・)「 Most of what will be posted here will be photos and videos, but I might attempt some translations of things too.

I’m Wendy. I originally started a Dempagumi.inc picture blog, but I ended up falling too far behind and let it die out. I was going to revive it, but realized that when it comes to Dempagumi.inc, I have a hard time being unbiased despite adoring every member. I decided to start this instead. This won’t be the most active blog, but I want it to be a good reference for if anybody wants to learn about Pinky! (`・ω・´) If you’re curious about her, please read the about page that I just finished!

Pinky Power!